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What is Escape Room Games

Are you searching for engaging games that you can enjoy during team building or the holidays with your friends? Well, escape room games are the best.

What is the escape room games?

The games help to gauge or even strengthen teamwork. These games involve the team players working together to discover clues, and solve various puzzles in different rooms. The escape room games are played to achieve a particular goal as a group and usually involve time limitation.

How do the escape room games work?


Escape room games involve collaboration by various members of a team who work correctively to solve problems. The team players are placed in a new themed room where they are expected to explore and allocate various clues required in resolving the puzzle at hand.

Where can one play escape room games?

Some countries, such as the US have escape rooms where you can enjoy the games with your friends. One of the great escape rooms is the room escape atlanta.

The games available include; solving puzzles, finding clues, and unlocking ultimate doors, among others.

Tips for playing escape room games.

· Play with age mates.

This could be your coworkers or relatives. Playing with people you are of the same age helps to ensure communication is fluent, and you all understand each other well. The same case applies to kids.

· Choose a minimal team.


Playing in a small group helps to increase the speed of the game. This could still help you win quickly.

· Pass the baton.

Are you stuck in finding something within your task? Well, don’t waste time trying to figure out how to solve the puzzle or find the clue. Remember the game is usually played on limited time, therefore to save time, alert other members of your team when you get stuck so they can also help.

· Listen to each other.

This is one of the critical factors in winning escape room games. Paying attention to your team members’ ideas is crucial as one of the teammate may provide you with a perfect tactic to solve the puzzle or clue.

· Keep other teammates informed.

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If you split to work in different rooms, make sure to alert other teammates about your progress by yelling out loud in case you find one of the items required to solve the puzzle.


Escape room games vary to fit different players’ requirements. Only a group of people can play the games as they engage more than one activity per game.