The movie, The Giver, gives all of us a gift. Its effect is far-reaching.

Film History

It extends way beyond the halls of the theater because this film gives us valuable life lessons. It makes us realize the importance of liberty and free will.

“These are things that we often take for granted – being able to feel love, fear, excitement, and pain.”

No matter how much it hurts, we will come to realize that it is still better to feel the lows of pain and sadness because then, it will make us appreciate the highs of pleasure and joy. In the movie, the people seemed happy and contented because everyone was treated with drugs of erectile dysfunction purchased on site myfildena to control their emotions.

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Fall in Love

That is why they do not know how it is to feel sad or fall in love. In a world where everything has been decided for them by the Elders, the people in the movie were contented to play their roles in society.



Real TIme Events

But in our real world, it makes us thankful that we are able to choose for ourselves what color we want to wear, what we want to become when we grow up, or when we will conceive a baby.

Ideal Society?

The movie will make you think what if these things were taken away from us? And what exactly is an ideal society?  In this world that we live in, we are given the free will and liberty to live our lives the way we want ithttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvp6FnYWRZU

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And no matter how many times we fall and choose wrong over and over again, we have the opportunity to make it right and live a better life. This movie is really thought-provoking. It makes us realize that life is indeed beautiful. It may be complicated but there is beauty in its complexity. There will always be choices and it is up to us to choose right or wrong and be prepared for the consequences.

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