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How Can I Make Halloween Fun

Hosting the Halloween costume party can be so stressful. You will need to find out different fun activities to engage your toddlers in as you take your time preparing delicious meals for the event. If you are therefore experiencing some challenges in finding some fun activities to engage your kids in, then we have you covered.

This guide provides some fantastic ideas on the kind of activities to engage your kids for this special holiday.

Below are some of the halloween activities for kids to engage in.
1. Watching Halloween movies such as the hocus pocus


Get a fantastic movie with the Halloween adventures that would grab your kid’s attention for the entire day. Your kids would really enjoy making some smaller versions of the movie tricks before they can continue watching. These would result in more fun games. However, you should avoid scary movies if you are dealing with very young toddlers, as this would only scare them.

2. Pumpkin carving

Keep your kid’s busy carving pumpkins into different shapes. You can make it more exciting by rewarding the kid who made the best craft from the sculptures.

3. Making jewelry

Young kids, especially girls, are fun of jewels and accessories. You can make their day exciting by buying them some materials to make their jewelry. It can be a fun activity but also cost-effective since the girls can make their bracelets.

4. Creating an escape room


If your kids are older enough, you can create an escape room game where you lock all the kids in a dark place, leaving them to find means of escaping. There should be a time limit allowing the kids to gather ideas on how to escape the room. It is indeed a fun activity that will also improve your kid’s creativity.

If you are not hosting the Halloween party, then you can join your kids as you enjoy these fun activities together. They are not only exciting but also create a stronger bond with your kids.