One of the issues tackled in the film is euthanasia. It is also known as assisted death or mercy killing. In the movie, The Giver, euthanasia is implied when they say that they are releasing the people so that they can go to the place called “Elsewhere”. They do this by injecting a drug into the person’s body. In real life, euthanasia is done when the person is seriously ill and no longer has any chance of surviving, when only hospital machines, equipment, and drugs are the only reason why the patient is still breathing. in the united states, this is called physical-assisted suicide and there are only 5 states that have made it legal – Washington, Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. A court ruling in Montana has also allowed the use of physician-assisted suicide.

Euthanasia is done by injecting a drug or turning off the medical apparatuses that keep the patient alive. They say this is good for the patient so that he could be relieved of the pain and suffering, so that he could finally rest his physical body. They say euthanasia gives the sick a chance to die with dignity especially if he is the one asking for assisted death. But of course, euthanasia is a controversial issue. it has moral and ethical considerations. There are times when the family believes and holds on to a miracle that somehow, their loved one will still make it through. They question the ability of doctors and medical professionals to declare that a person can no longer survive. They may believe that there is a higher being who controls people’s lives and decides when to take them back. Or some people might say that they could all just wait until the patient dies, there is no need for an assisted death. For some people, this issue is about having an option to choose your death and having the right to self-determination. You choose the terms on how you will die.

Many groups are pushing for the legality of euthanasia in their own states. However, this issue will always be tainted with moral implications.